Another Missed Halloween with my HEART AND SOUL

Posted: November 27, 2012 by rodneywatsonjr in Uncategorized

Another Missed Halloween with my HEART AND SOUL

Well I welcome you all to my new blog Soul in Sanctuary. I just want to start of this blog with a little piece of my frustration of a few trying to break up my Canadian born family. I should have been there with my son this past Halloween with him and my wife trick or treating. I just want you to think and visualize the pain and thoughts that would go through your mind if you were in my shoes. All I know is that my son Jordan was the first child I had ever seen born in real life and I have seen allot of things but when I saw him born it really did something to my mind, heart, body and SOUL when he first looked at me like he knew who I was already.

People ask why and how could I go through this for 3 years, then I have to explain that if I leave, I’ll next to never be able to cross back into Canada and my wife would prefer to raise our son in Canada, her place of birth. My dream is to have dual citizenship because I have committed no crime except for not continuing to go along with a Iraq War crime. I just want to get back to work and help take care of my family and pay some bills like everyone else but I was pushed into standing up when certain one’s tried to deport me on the date of September 11th 2009 when my son Jordan was only months old. When my son hugs me, I forget all worries, doubts and fears because he lets me know that I’m on the side of LOVE and fighting the good fight.

Thanks for visiting my blog Soul in Sanctuary, there will be more to come from me to share with you on my journey, so stick around and I hope to just share my pain turned into poetry and my thoughts of what I’m going through with you all. Peace and Love!!!!!!!


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