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Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

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This message is for ALL my brother and sister Veterans who have found the courage to allow their conscience LIGHT to shine in this endless darkness of long wars. I salute each and everyone of you brave souls for what you are doing State side and for those you all have reached. It will take the combined efforts of the active duty service members and civilians with the true understanding of the cost of war to awaken others.

May Peace, Love, Safety and GREAT Protection be with you all on your wise and much needed journey.

~Rodney Watson Jr


A Short Poem for a New Light of Solidarity and Unity to Shine in 2013

“2013 Solidarity & Unity”

May the New Year bring about an AWAKENED solidarity & unity
May 2013 WAKE UP the minds of ALL people in every community
My dear brothers and sisters, this is our time and our opportunity
To gather our consciousness & courage against an elite immunity
The earth belongs to us all so have no fear of your critics scrutiny
May 2013 open and inspire your minds with creativity & ingenuity
A fire begins with a spark and together our actions speak fluently

~Rodney Watson Jr

Insider Attack

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Compassion & Social Uplift NOT MORE Guns & Endless Wars!!

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I keep hearing people talking about if the teachers were armed at the school where those beautiful little ones were shot and killed that it wouldn’t have happened. Now me being a Iraq war Veteran I been to the shooting range MANY times and for some odd reason I had a natural great Aim that never missed my target. I was one of the best shooters in my unit but all it takes is a simple twitch or heavy breath and my aim would be off. 

Let’s say a person was there at that school with a gun for protection, bullets still travel after they hit the body and he or she could miss the bad guy making the bad guy even more angry or determined to shoot MORE kids. I seen soldiers freeze up when attacked so what makes you think a civilian couldn’t miss or have fears of hitting others trying to take out a bad guy? 

Either we figure out better ways to end the constant cycle of violence with social uplift, real mental health care and stopping the glorification of endless wars and drone strikes that have become similar to a kid playing a video game. It has become normal to many to see gun violence in America and I truly believe it’s because we romanticize gun culture far too much. Everyone wants to be a gangster or Rambo and we allow it all to look cool in our music and all forms of entertainment.

Don’t get me wrong I too love my entertainment and have even been deployed to a real War Zone but I never wanted to mimic what I see in a movie or a game but others are not like me and are very impressionable by what their eyes and ears intake. This goes especially for the mentally unstable. Many walk around with mental issues and many are afraid to seek the little help there is for their problems. Even many Veterans are afraid of looking weak for seeking mental health care.

I didn’t mean to write such a long note about this madness but I feel compelled to say something because I seen people shot rite in front of me many times back home in Kansas City and we just become numb to the violence over a period of time and that is sad.
Every time I went to a club or a party, I just expected to hear or see some shots fired. We even lost our beautiful mall due to drive by shootings causing all major department stores to leave our mall called Indian Springs Mall.

What I’m trying to say is in history class I learned more about Jesse James more than Martin Luther King Jr and there is something very wrong about that in my book. We need to evolve into a culture that can praise Peace and Love and our leaders need to set the example by ending long endless wars. All I know is if I were in Power with a Nobel Peace Prize I would be in the streets of Chicago and all other troubled areas making Peace popular amongst the weary youth. I would sternly use diplomacy instead of drone strikes that kill more than 20 children every year, this would END! 

But sadly we cannot wait on temporary management to solve our urgent violence and community issues. I’m far from perfect but my vision for a new and better way is pretty close in my opinion. If had the kind of power and popularity a President has, I would encourage rappers, actors and everyone with a voice to give new life to a much needed message of Peace, Compassion and LOVE!

~Rodney Watson Jr

Someday at Christmas by Stevie Wonder

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CLASSICAL Soul with a great Anti War Message!

Michael Moore and Paul Laverty

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