Brothers and Sisters

Posted: January 10, 2013 by rodneywatsonjr in Uncategorized

Brothers and Sisters

Hello brothers and sisters, today I just want to start off by saying thank you all for visiting and sharing my site Soul in Sanctuary. I appreciate your feedback and I wish nothing but good vibrations of safety and good health for you all that read and enjoy my post on this blog.

I’m trying to understand why the troops can’t come home sooner than 2014? Why so many are getting sick with these flu viruses? Why our world leaders can spend so much on money and Lives for Corporate Industrial greed? Why do we accept the way the world is destroyed and killed slowly by our pollutions and domestic murders, lack of mental health care and lack of REAL social uplift?

All I know is that the world needs to begin a type of healing process and we the people are the key components to achieving what needs to be done. Just like an injury we all have had endured in our lifetime, we must give our pains or wounds time to heal and within time they eventually do. Well I believe the earth has been wounded by mankind’s wars, murders, pollutions and it’s time to give this beautiful planet we all share time to heal. We all as individuals I believe have a part to play in at least trying to heal this current state of madness we have been seeing more frequently.

I often imagine that the cause and effect of everything is true and that our human actions effect how the Earth responds back to our actions taken against the environment and to each other. I know elite ones in high places care nothing about any negative outcomes or effects of their actions but that doesn’t mean that you and me have to follow their lead in all their greedy directions. Wouldn’t it be crazy if our national treasure, the troops in Afghanistan were being kept in Afghanistan until they extracted enough Lithium before pulling out? Can YOU imagine risking your life in a country longer than you need to just so the corporate side of things finish collecting their spoils of war that the average enlisted service member doesn’t even get a piece of?

I posted this picture with a great quote from Martin Luther King Jr and it still speaks volumes of truth that the world needs to hear today. We have all this great technology all around us today but we still cannot evolve beyond our old traditional “we are right and you are wrong thinking and selfish arrogance. All these religious divisions still ignoring the bases of the primary core of them all which is Love for us all brothers and sisters of this planet earth. Racism, homophobia and now increasing tensions over owning assault weapons, the world needs some serious help right now. We are that help and we must must increase our attempts and efforts in at least trying to make some kind of spark or ripple that will effect something or someone on this beautiful planet that we all share.

~Rodney Watson Jr


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