Best of …

Here are some of Rodney’s brief pieces from the Facebook page War Resister in Sanctuary that have had a powerful impact:



“A Conscience Equinox”

The world is in great need of a mental equinox conscience shift

It’s time for mankind to evolve further and beyond war’s dark rift

It’s time for the human race to start treating life as a precious gift

The path to peace has always been there but elitist choose to drift

It’s time to get up and stand up, it’s time for us all to rise and lift

Because money spent on war could end all poverty fast and swift


~Rodney Watson Jr.



“The Good Fight”

No matter my ending, I know that I have fought the good fight

I once was blind but after being deployed my eyes saw the light

I risked my life for lies in Iraq, while the elite slept well at night

All for sad diabolical greed that creates war with no end in sight

No matter their darkness, this little light of mine remains bright


~Rodney Watson Jr.



“Walking This Way”

After removing the wool from mine eyes I saw Iraq in a new way

I saw a land occupied and the children just wanted to run & play

A personal assessment of a war based on lies not worth the pay

Wish I could reach world leaders to bring troops home each day

Never blending in, no matter what arm chair patriots have to say

We all must become beacons of light, shining like a Hot Sun ray

Must keep love in our hearts, even when sanity has gone astray


~Rodney Watson Jr.



“Turn the Page!!”

We can all get along for Olympics but not the bigger world stage?

If the world can share Medals and smiles, we can end War’s rage

We are ALL the authors of history and it’s time to start a new page

Time to exit the old ways of war & time for a new conscience Age

No more fighting a rich man’s war while getting paid a low wage

The real criminals in high places should be the ones put in a cage

A planet at a boiling point but who’s checking the pressure gauge?


~Rodney Watson Jr.



“Together in Solidarity”

We must continually reaffirm daily that the future is in our hands

We the people in solidarity must make the elite hear our demands

Ending nation building overseas and no more troops in their lands

Together we must aspire to encourage others during their stands

Every voice does matter, so make em as loud as marching bands

It’s time to allow courage to absorb into all our cells and glands

Need to act now before a new war begins in Iranian desert sands


~Rodney Watson Jr.




“Healing Well Overdue”

I can hear the earth and humanity crying out for healing

But their cries for change ignored by war’s death dealing

Time to replace the numbness with some life and feeling

Put an end to wars that are just big corporations stealing

Red lines being drawn while Nuclear hypocrisy is chilling

The poor fight while the elite find profits from war thrilling


~Rodney Watson Jr.




“Until I See the Light”

No more marching but I gotta keep on pushing towards the light

The Love in my heart gives me the courage of Lions to win the fight

Greeted by sand storms in Iraq when I got off that long C130 flight

Made it through flames of war but now I want a Peace so bright

Slight form of PTSD still keeping me up many moons & many night

Lyrical abstract & memories painting a mental picture out of sight

The world waking up and now I don’t feel alone now in my plight

Push past critics because their bark is always worse than their bite


~Rodney Watson Jr.




“Poetic Artillery”

Growing up, no doubt we was the poorest on our family’s tree

That means I’m used to struggle and not a stranger to poverty

I survived many bad situations, this has always been my reality

Ain’t nothing new under the sun for me, just a change of scenery

Graduated the school of hard knocks, just to enter war machinery

Caught up in a economic draft, I thought I was fighting for liberty

I went AWOL before they could make my deployments a trilogy

I been to Hell and back but the light of love still resides in me

Knowing that too many families fell victim to lies and trickery

Now I resist and speak out so no more face this elite misery

President got a Peace prize but the wars END is still a mystery

No more M16’s or M29’s but nowadays my voice is my artillery


~Rodney Watson Jr.



“Inspiration Detection”

Allot of well spoken words mean nothing if war is their selection

Less enthusiastic because poverty ain’t seen change last election

Images on T.V. of cops beating civilians but this is our protection

I’m trying to spread peace & love like a very contagious infection

A little bit of Malcolm and Martin, clashing in my minds intersection

In Sanctuary but only see a free mind when I do see my reflection

Critics and haters get swatted like flies, cant get past my deflection


~Rodney Watson Jr.




“Love Is”

Love is life and Love at times can go unseen but always can be felt

Love comforts when times get hard and the tightening of your belt

Love can also help you play any type of hand you have been dealt

Love can be witnessing new life that made your heart just melt 🙂

Love is the beautiful flower of life that we all must never let welt

The world is in need of a Love shower like rain that falls and pelt

Love is good in every culture and in every language it’s been spelt


~Rodney Watson Jr.




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