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“A Time to Heal”

The Earth has seen too much war and it’s time to let her heal
Trillions being spent on war while many starve without a meal
All well spoken speeches mean nothing if social uplift isn’t real
A trickle down effect of wealth many tax payers will never feel
Is the price of life worth Afghan Lithium the elite want to steal?
The world can never be changed by those who obey and kneel
There’s nothing unpatriotic about you demanding a better deal

~Rodney Watson Jr

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The silent truth of war an Army recruiter will never mention to female soldiers who wish to enlist.

Meanwhile a member of the Royal family brags about killing in Afghanistan, LaVena Johnson’s family still mourn her death caused by the hands of her own fellow Army enlisted soldiers. 😦

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Collateral Damage

The term Collateral Damage: Unintended damage, injuries, or deaths caused by an action, especially unintended civilian casualties caused by a military operation.

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President Obama and Dr. King

Yesterday I saw allot of chatter about the comparisons between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and President Obama. Some conversations were very heated about how Dr. King would not agree with foreign policy concerning the use of drones and the effects of their collateral damage they have inflicted. Drone strikes and Afghanistan in my own personal opinion would have stirred some very critical thinking in Dr. King towards the Presidents choices concerning war and the great need for social uplift. I also think Dr. King would be proud to see a man of color as President and would have enjoyed seeing his First lady and two daughters being loved and supported by such a diverse crowd of Americans. I can’t even lie, it also made my heart feel good to see President Obama and his beautiful black family together and being together in the White House. Even though I feel Obama was a much better selection than Romney, I still wish President Obama would take the lead in creating peace and ending the Afghanistan war sooner before something happens to where we are forced to stay longer and before a possible WW3 is started.

I cannot imagine being a 7 year old child in Afghanistan or in Pakistan having to worry about death from above everyday. I can only imagine how many noncombatant innocent lives have been taken for being in the wrong places at the wrong times when these drone strikes occur, can you? I know the world is not all sunshine and rainbows but the world can do better than making mistakes of killing innocence and then calling their murders collateral damage. I think Dr. King would indeed love President Obama but at the same time he would be in his ear saying “come on Brotha, this needs to end now.” Dr. King was a true hero and a man who was ready to die for his beliefs and his great desire for Peace and real social uplift. He was ready to walk through the flames of his critics and his own government, even some black folks were hating on Dr. King because his conscience and moral stand was not a popular one.

I just hope that the people won’t let the President’s popularity cloud their judgments on Drone strikes and bringing all our young men and women home. I don’t have a crystal ball to see the future but I don’t need one to see the possibility of things escalating into a much larger war if we remain on this path of long wars and Drone strikes. I respect President Obama but I do not accept allot of this continued and evolved W. Bush foreign policy because I too risked my life in Iraq for reasons that had nothing to do with 9/11 or our freedom. I lost a friend in that war and I don’t want to hear of any more dying over natural resources or corporate greed that makes the Military Industrial Complex more wealthy while us grunts do ALL the heavy lifting and dying.

I wish Dr. King was still alive today to share his influential wisdom with President Obama on war and peace. I wish President Obama would be just as fired up about ending this madness of long wars as he is about the Gay and Lesbian right to be treated equally. The world needs Love but how will any types of Love look being involved in a new World war that’s full of hate? Many families are still hurting and struggling to keep food on their tables, this is very wrong when 35% of the Trillions spent on these wars could feed and house so many civilians and Veterans.

I am under no illusion and I know even the President has royal Blue Bloods, Big Corporations and Bankers in his ears but I wish Obama would resist them more often. Maybe you cannot become a President if you are not willing to play ball with Elite society, I don’t know for sure but something needs to change.

I pray that the President and his beautiful family remain safe at all times because there is allot of racial hatred aimed at him. I just hope and pray that President Obama’s foreign policies and Drone strikes change before we all end up stuck in a new world war.

I’m an Iraq war Veteran who risked my life and protected the lives of many other military service members while I was deployed and I feel compelled to say something. This madness must stop and REAL hope and change must now begin before we allow the war hawks and corporations lead us into the abyss of world war. Dr. King spoke of America approaching spiritual death if we continue to spend more on war’s destruction than the social uplift that many Americans need rite now. I don’t want to see America’s spiritual death but have we reached that point yet? Look at all the shootings and drastic change in the weather, something sure is going on and I just pray it’s not too late to reverse or to heal the increasing madness.

R.I.P Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, you are greatly missed and it’s time for us all to at least try to continue your legacy and message the way you meant for it to be.

~Rodney Watson Jr

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What Would Dr. King Say?

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“What Would Dr. King Say?”

Sworn in on two bibles but how many drones will fly the next day
I wonder what words Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would have to say
Would he take the President by the hand and say no walk this way
Would he remind us of what he faced and the price he had to pay
Would he Dr. King be silent or would he stand up for all war’s prey
What would he say about his message of peace being lead astray

~Rodney Watson Jr